About Kepler-Vehicle

Kepler with the technically classic automated production base can meet different demands of various markets all over the world, with high-end assembling production line can also meet the demands of high-end production in the international market, strict quality assurance system makes the production meet different quality requirement from different markets. Kepler is keeping deepening products with scientized, intelligentized and humanized in order to make first-class manufacturer of products for old people and handicapped all over the world.

Now it has five production and processing bases, covering an area of over 1,900 mu. The group owns nine major subsidiaries, and its annual production capacity of bicycles with various models reaches 20 million units. In 2014, its annual sales of bicycle exceeded 12 million, including the foreign exchange earning of 557.5 million dollars. Its annual output is about 12~15% of China’s bicycle industry and 8~10% of global output. For many years, it has been in a leading position in the Chinese bicycle industry.Fuji-ta Group has partners from all around the world, with its products sold to more than 500 countries and regions, including North America, Latin America, Europe, Australia, Asia, etc. It is an OEM enterprise for internationally renowned bicycle brands, and also establishes the global strategic partnership relations.


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